Sun. Wolverine. Sun. Job.

18 May

We are now currently in Alameda/the SF Bay area.  We’ve also been Craigslisting it up.  There’s a free estate giveaway at noon today… we hope to score.

It was really hot yesterday… like 97º.  Ridiculous.  I wasn’t too overwhelmed, but Shadow (Megan’s dog) was after we took him for a walk.

I suppose I’ll post a new Super HeroiHOT.  I just feel disappointed that I can’t Photoshop it up with the actual page after I’m done.  I guess I’ll just go back in August and fix them up… still.

I saw Wolverine… heh… heh.  Boy, was that stupid.  There were only two fight scenes that were interesting, and, seriously, that whole Deadpool move has been so been done before… a lot.  Nemesis in the second Resident Evil movie.  Goro in the first Mortal Kombat movie.  Darth Maul (even the way Deadpool dies is just like Darth Maul) in Episode I.  Megan and I saw the guy who played Darth Maul at the Emerald City Comic Con, by the way.  So, you got your awesome killer who’s supposed to be really kickass and way better than your main protagonist, and you’re only shown glimpses of their power(s).  The protagonist and antagonist begin fighting, and the antagonist scores some cheap hits while looking pretty sweet.  Then, oh poop, the Protagonist suddenly beats him usually by kicking them off the edge of something/falling.  I frankly don’t know how they’re going to do a Deadpool movie… Probably in some stupid, FOX way. 

Oh well.

Hopefully, I’ll get a call from my  possible boss today.  Have to call Specialized about working their bike convention in Utah in July today, too.  Seems like today’s a stay at home (Megan’s home) day to me.


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