End of the School Year

15 May

I suppose I’m just going to write about college and the sorts.  I’m basing my experiences on my first year at the University of Puget Sound, but I feel like they can be expanded to pretty much all colleges and Universities.  I also realize that Megan’s already covered some of these in her posts, but I suppose you can get my opinion on them.

The Goodness that is College (if you’re me):

  • The knowledge is overwhelmingly awesome once you’ve figured out relatively what you want to do.
  • Professor’s are normally pretty friendly and don’t seem to half-ass it as much as they do in high school.
  • Professor’s don’t mother you, but they do care about your performance.
  • Deadlines are always flexible if you have good reasons.
  • Campuses look nice from afar.  They’re also like a little oasis in a really poopy city.

The Poorness that is College:

  • Roommates suck ass… no matter what.  Sure, you can become friends with them, but they’re still going to suck at some point.  Most times, your roommate will be a douchebag… like mine!
  • Facilities does a great job… on every building that parents or members from the community are the most likely to view.  The area surrounding the Dorms will always remain dirty.
  • On that note, other college students are not respectful of their environment and often litter.
  • Other students are incredibly loud and annoying.
  • Most people in dorms have absolutely no idea on how to respectfully live with other people and expect the cleaning staff to pick up after them like their mothers.
  • The dorm bathrooms will always be disgusting except for the first couple days that you move in and about 1 hour after the staff cleans them.
  • RAs are the most unhelpful members of the community ever.
  • If you truly hate your living situation or even dislike it then attempt to switch rooms/roommates within the first two months… Otherwise, you’re stuck with them for the whole year.
  • Mark your territory, and don’t let anyone borrow your stuff without making sure they’re completely committed to paying you back or replacing it should anything happen.
  • Quiet hours are never enforced.
  • People are usually disrespectful assholes in the dorms, and you have to become one back in order to survive.
  • It costs a shitload, and it doesn’t seem like the President or Boards truly have a sense of the needs/ wants of the students (i.e. shitload of funding going into a shitty sport team, but hardly any going to a sport that has promise but is club *cough* Ultimate Frisbee Team *cough*).
  • Athletes get priority for anything and everything.
  • Our food’s supposed to be some of the best in the state, but it gets old fast and it’s fairly disgusting (funny that I say this when the Nutrition Consultant who figures out the menu is talking behind me… yeah, I’m at work blogging again).

That’s just a brief list,  oh well.  Sure, I have a lot more poor things, but I feel like the knowledge in the goodness list really outweighs a lot of things.  Many of these things will disappear when we live in an apartment next year (except my sister’s coming here… so, I’ll probably hear about them from her).

On the topic of great news, my possible future employer enjoyed my introduction video to show off my skills with Harbinger Fitness Accessories.  It actually caused her to laugh outloud.  So, I’m pleased… except, she had to ask me to take the video off of YouTube because it could potentially negatively affect Harbinger’s image thus causing her to lose a client.  I took the advertising direction more for humor to tap into a separate audience, and, I admit, I went a little far.  Anyway, I’m glad she enjoyed it while it lasted, and I’m going to be speaking to her on Monday about my future employment.

 Also, I got an e-mail from my Comm Professor who I really love, and she wants me to be the Course Assistant for COMM107 which is the same Freshmen core I took this past fall.  It’s basically an excuse to watch (some of the same) movies and help people out.  It will only require about 4 hours a week, and I’m going to get paid for it.  I hope it doesn’t affect my employment at CHWS, but it’s a really great opportunity to flesh out even more ideas and hear some alternative viewpoints.  I’ll be finding more out about it later since I just got the e-mail today.

Here’s a really cool website exploring legends in comic books, and I’m probably going to pick up the guy’s book today.  For people who aren’t comic book nerds, there’s still some really interesting legends that relate to television, movies, and other mediums that you may enjoy.  So, I linked to the list/directory of every week’s Legend so you might find a topic that looks interesting to you.



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