Super HeroiHOT #4: Rogue

13 May

Okay, I know I need to do some switchin’ it up from the traditional DC and Marvel comic characters.  I was going to do April O’Neil from the TMNT-verse, but then I realized that I would have to utilize a lot of photoshop for photos… most of which are only black and white.

Nevertheless, here’s Rogue… One of the most powerful southern belles ever to cross the face of comics.

So, here’s some brief history:
She was somewhat raised by Mystique (the naked, blue one from the movies that gave a bunch of teenage boys boners) and changed to become a villain.  Soon, fearing for her life when her powers got out of control, she joined the X-Men and became a good guy.  She’s been a positive character basically ever since for the X-Men and has gained leadership roles occasionally heading up her own teams.


Okay, her costume in the first picture is her typical one that’s been used most often, but she really has had a shitload of variations on her costume.  Above, we have the sort of… it’s-no-longer-a-jumpsuit-because-it-has-stirrups pants look which I sort of like.

Recently, she’s had this really neat hooded jumpsuit variation with white instead of yellow which looks so much better.  Personally, I find the yellow way too distracting and flashy.  The shrouded look adds mystery while looking much more refined.  Plus, the white matches her white hair.  Nevertheless, she’s had her fair share of costumes to get to this point:



That’s a lot of costumes, folks… So, points for reaching a costume that I like… and negative points for going through all of that shit…  Her body’s usually slender, and she has an incredibly fluxuating breast size.  For shame… keep ’em real, artists.
How do you really reach the color combination of green and yellow that’s been most typically seen?  Oh, I don’t know… throwing banana slugs at mountain dew or something?  The green and yellow just don’t work for me, and that’s the most common costume… You know, I’m withholding a bit… I hate the common costume.  How are you supposed to be practical and operate to fight against superhuman threats by holding an edge over them with the element of surprise with… YELLOW.  This may just be the Bat-fan in me speaking, but I want practical costumes not imagined stripper fantasies.
Also, Rogue can really have some ridiculous hair sometimes.  It’s calmed down in recent years, but in the 80s… good god was it huge!  “Quick Rogue, use my telekinetic powers to control your hair and stuff it into the gears of that Sentinel!”



Rogue’s a doll.  She’s incredibly friendly with that stereotypical Southern Belle attitude that you just can’t shake off.  She sometimes doubts herself… and well… her personality can sometimes change into personalities because of her powers keeping a memory/imprint of the people she’s absorbed their powers from… so, for a while, she was kind of crazy and on the edge.  I guess she must have been a bit of a downer at first since she didn’t want to get close to anyone and was freaking out about her powers, but that’s okay… it’s just a little insecurity.  In most of the other media portrayals like the more recent cartoons and even the movies a bit, she was the outcast goth-type kid because her powers caused her to not be able to interact physically with other people.  This was kind of dumb, and I think the producers were just trying too hard to drive the point of accepting others home to kids.  Nevertheless, she’s a honey and a sweety… However, wouldn’t that get a little old?  So, just for that I’ll give her a decent score.



Okay, here’s my problem… Rogue’s just not that original.  The first concept behind her powers seems really cool.  I mean, she can gather energy and harness it to its full potential.  She drains the energy from others by basically leaching off of them with skin to skin contact.  So, I like the moral problems that her powers could cause, but I believe that writers have only lightly touched on these (sure, she visited the boyfriend she put into a coma every year for about ten years, but that’s just not enough). 
Here’s where the powers get kind of dumb… She can leach the Mutant powers to gain the abilities to fly, superstrength, telekinesis, etc.  It sounds cool at first, but it seems like these were only added to make her not a lame character and that’s their only purpose… Plus, I don’t see how her body can suddenly produce fireballs when she’s only draining energy from others.  The energy part’s neat, but adding the mutant powers is a little useless.  Also, at one point she was able to keep memories/imprints of the powers she had gained in the past… which even more seems merely to enable the plot of the story.  I want character development through the powers… not plot development.
Nevertheless, the writers have put a lot of thought into her powers such as that the borrowed/drained power corresponds with the amount of time she touches someone else.

6/10 because they’re dumb, but still have moral issues involved with them.

Secret Identity:

Okay, she doesn’t really have one, but do you notice the way her boobs shrank once she was out of that darn costume!?  It’s sort of hard to live a normal second life when your on-again off-again boyfriend is Gambit, and you head up a mutant team from time to time.  Nevertheless, she’s still kind of closeted about her powers and primarily sticks around other Mutants because they could probably last longer if she drained them.  I guess I can’t fault her too much.


Pros and Cons:

Pro – I was 11-ish when the first X-Men film came out, and I really related to how Anna Paquin played Rogue.  Plus, she was Super Hot for a kid beginning puberty. 


Do you see that nipple!?  What the fuck artist?  Seriously?  I want a character with class and sophistication… don’t dumb her down for me by asking horny men to buy the comic only to get a nip-shot like that.  Goddamn subjectification of women.. I hate it.  Like this does much better:

Really, you have to make a female character seem superficial and foolish with that look on her face while emphasizing her body… You’re stereotyping women and not gaining any ground.  Pooh on you comics!

– 3 points
Because objectification of women needs to stop.  I want real bodies, real personalities, real emotions, real quirks conveyed to me… Not sensationalized… superpowers do that enough.

That makes Rogue’s grand score a total of:

That’s a respectable score… Frankly, I thought you were going to score lower… seems like something happened along the way.

What!  No way… that’s it, I’m done for the night.


2 Responses to “Super HeroiHOT #4: Rogue”

  1. desouza May 2, 2011 at 5:37 PM #

    well ………… i know this is an old post but apparently im a nerd because i like to understand the mechanics of things. the whole power aspect that you gave her a six with… well im pretty sure that u can look beyond the moral part because she doesnt absorb energy…. she would touch machines and get theirs…. separate from biotechnology… she absorbs life energy and for a mutant and human… your very essence is in your life energy so obviously iits not about making her better its satirical in a sense where you look at the person who is the outcast…. she’s superfriendly… further proving the crave of some sense of closeness with people especially in the setting the xmen are given. she is a representation of persons who can be who they are despite the constant influences thrown against them based on the different situations of life….. separate from that her development came about when it was shown that the reason she could not control her powers was due to the factor that at every instance she used it her mind created more and more blocks that inhibited her growth…. seeking help she went to sage to evolve her further so that she could be of more use or was it for selfish reasons??? the need to be close to someone??? then there was the moment of truth wen the professor helped to break down these walls and she fully gained control……. which is a metaphor for overcome obstacle and breaking down barriers wether physical or mental…………………


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