Peer Evaluations

13 May

I really hate peer evaluations… Do you know why?
Everyone’s opinion and scores on your work usually remain unsupported based on the one sentence explanation they give you.  How am I to learn how to improve when I have 8 sentences to go off of?  What the hell?

Yeah, okay, I’m pretty pissed off.  Sure, I got a 60/70 on the project, but I think I should have gotten a higher grade.

So, the project was on a poster for Biology about Chronic Daily Headaches.  It was basically a giant project we had running throughout the semester.  I spent a really long time on mine finding wonderful sources and even drawing a comic about my experiences with Chronic Daily Headaches.  Sure, the comic’s only purpose was to suck up and look prettier than everyone else’s poster.

Here’s a picture of my poster: (will include later)

So, I got some pretty great strengths on my professor grading my project, and she only had two suggestions for improvement.  One I can take because I knew it was lacking while I was making the poster, and that was that I frankly had no idea about much of the biology around a Chronic daily headache.  Sure, I knew that headaches were caused by swelling in the brain… but that’s about it.  I’m okay with that.

However, I am not okay with her other suggestion… “Would be nice to include more info about biofeedback (what it is/image of machine).”  Okay Professor Tamashiro… suck it.  What the fuck?  I basically talked to you about the type of biofeedback I underwent and gave examples of other types for about 3 minutes!  Biofeedback is not one specific thing, it’s a multitude of different procedures to train your mind over your body… in a way.  So, how am I to eliminate it down to a specific thing?  Oh yeah, Biofeedback was also the most information on any possible treatment I had on the poster, dumbass.  How am I supposed to get a picture of the damn thing, either!?  Oh yeah… here’s a nice little paint drawing for you…

sexypicture.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

So really, that looks so damn interesting, huh!?  There’s a goddamn electrode to keep you busy… neat.

More about Peer evaluations:

I’m under the impression that most people are dumbasses around me; especially at this school (University of Puget Sound).  What’s wrong with them?  Oh yeah, they’re rich… and retarded.
So, why should I care about their opinions?
Okay, okay, some people did a great job at rating my poster… like 3/8.  Oh yeah… and that’s the exact number of people who spelled my fucking name wrong… Oh hey, yeah… my name’s written on the board for you dumbasses and you still can’t spell!?
Also, how can I trust someone’s opinion when they still spell “a lot” as “alot?”  Seriously… dumbass.
Many people found my poster disorganized… Well, I say “Fuck You” to them.  Really, you can’t read up to down and left to right following a grid format to separate information?  Hmm…  Oh yeah, the information was also organized by separating it according to topics like cause, symptoms, and treatments… That’s not easy enough for you to handle in the 2 minutes you spent skimming my poster wishing you could be masturbating back in your room while smoking pot and watching your ass hair grow?  Psht…

I think it’s obvious, I hate being a subject of peer evaluations… Oh, but I love being a judge.

Nevertheless, watching this video of Megan from the other day doing a Pikachu impression makes me feel better:


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