Super HeroiHOT #3: Stephanie Brown

9 May

Stephanie Brown AKA Spoiler AKA the fourth Robin AKA Tim Drake’s on again off again girlfriend.
I’m going to say right off the bat… I really like this character.  She’s neat, she has flaws but really human flaws (not ones that are purely for plot), She’s the only female Robin Batman has ever had, and she’s made a name for herself.

I’ll give you a brief rundown of some of her history: Her father was a crime guy and is sort of the reason why she first became a vigilante.  She got to the point of loving fighting crime so much that she began going out on a regular basis, and she has now been trained by Batgirl, the Birds o’ Prey, and the big man himself Batman (Bruce Wayne).  Oh, yeah, did I mention she was ROBIN!  She got that job by sneaking into the batcave after Tim Drake (Robin #3) was fired by Batman for possibly killing someone.  She made her own Robin costume and impressed Batman so much he gave her the job… for… well, yeah… for like 3 months, BUT STILL!  Interestingly she took Tim’s job even though they were on again off again relationship-wise.

Spoiler is basically one of the only female comic characters in the DC Universe that is not a derivative of some other charcter (i.e. Batgirl, Supergirl, etc.); She’s earned her own personal name (cough check the new update…).  So, let’s get into some ratings, HUH!?


Okay, Spoiler’s costume is pretty dark, and there could easily be a guy under that costume making it pretty interchangeable for whomever is under it.  Luckily, only Stephanie’s been under it.  So, no Battles for the… uh… Hood, here!  During her debut in the early 90’s, comics were kind of in an excessive period… um, I believe you can see some of the earlier variations on the Spoiler costume on some of the other pictures.  Well, she not only has some ring thing going across her breasts, she also has some unnecessarily excessive attachment on her leg.  That’s kind of gross.  Plus, the boots kind of look like Pirate Booties which is still pretty 90s. 

I’d really be happy if her hair got to flow out of the costume (hey, her idea’s publicly known now thanks to sort of dying and all).  The costume looks great when she takes the hood down and the mask off and just lets herself breath in the open air. 

StephanieBrownSide.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

In fact, she really resembles my girlfriend when she had long hair like that… in a way… yeah, I’d like to see Megan in that costume.  It’s sleek and sexy.  Also, most artists don’t draw her gigantically, impossibly breasted!  Hurrah!  Only mildy gigantically breasted (do they grow and shrink depending on whether she’s Robin or Spoiler?)!  Yay!  Her breasts could actually be sort of real… unlike Star Sapphire’s.
The Spoiler costume is much more practical out in the dark than this little number here:

And yet, somehow, a female Robin is super sexy… if not mildly disturbing.

Check the update at the bottom for the new style.



Okay, she’s a lovely, bright, amazing girl… BUT, she’s hasty and stubborn.  She’s quick to react and misread things.  I can’t count how many times she’s thought Robin was cheating on her despite them never being a 100% sure thing.  She lets her emotions get to her which in some ways is great because it makes her, the superhero, more human, but messes with her doing her job.  She seems emotionally dependent and needy on others, as well.  She’s bothering Robin a lot, and has even given birth to a child from a failed relationship which she later adopted.  She was almost raped which could explain some of this, and in the most recent issues of the Bat-family comics she’s really defined herself as an individual not necessarily relying on Robin.  However, the big question right now is whether or not she will put the Spoiler costume back on out of love for being a vigilante or not do it out of love for Tim Drake (Robin).
Also, she loses points for, you know, starting that whole gang war thing by stealing some of Batman’s plans to prove to him she’s the best.
Otherwise, Stephanie is a great, well-rounded character.

I re-read that above paragraph, and I apologize because it’s as confusing as fuck.



Did I mention she was trained by Batman?  She has no superpowers and is probably one of the best in shape, young women ever… Stephanie’s at the peak of her physical performance.  That’s pretty hot… even with the pirate booties.


Secret Identity:

Okay, originally her secret identity was not known to the entire world, but when she apparently died during War Games after being beaten by Black Mask her identity was revealed to the world.  This started a whole whoopla in the media over whether society should allow young, beatiful women to run around fighting crime or, if there really was a need for any vigilantes in the first place.
No comics have really focused on her during the day, too much.  She attends high school with Tim Drake.  I guess there’s not much I can dock her here for… except maybe looking like she’s 25 and still being in high school. 



Did I mention she started a giant gang war from being selfish… okay, okay, I’ve already docked her for that… but she’s pretty needyand obsessive, and I feel like I’d have to spend a minimum of 18 hours a day with her for her to be satisfied.  So there’s one.


HOLY POOP.  That’s an 82.5%!  Great job, Stephanie Brown.  You are HeroiHOT!

Oh, okay, if you say so Stephanie… I thought you’re pretty hot… Super HeroiHOT, that is!


Guess who’s the new Batgirl!?

Hint 1

Hint 2

Alright… take her words for it:

I’m excited for Stephanie as the new Batgirl which starts a completely new chapter in her life… although, somehow she wasn’t able to git rid of the thigh pack…


7 Responses to “Super HeroiHOT #3: Stephanie Brown”

  1. Allyn June 1, 2009 at 9:26 AM #

    Steph is definitely in the top five DC characters I want to write.

    Others on the list? Jason Todd (which I talk about here), Azrael, and Hawkman. Okay, that’s only four.

    • Bobby April 7, 2010 at 2:33 PM #

      If Stephanie Brown is in your top five DC characters to write…you really need to read more comics. She’s bratty, a bad detective, whiny, selfish, and (in my opinion) only remained being a superhero after her dad died because she wanted to be with Tim Drake. She never does anything right and ruins everything. She’s definately one of the top five DC characters I want to see die (and not come back again!).
      Okay, I’m done my rant. Sorry if I insulted you, that’s just what I think of her.

      • Allyn April 21, 2010 at 11:37 AM #

        No insult, Bobby, promise. 🙂

        It’s the ‘broken” nature of the character that, in my opinion, would make her compelling to write. Yes, she has a lot of problems, which means she has a lot of room for development. The current Batgirl series, while being very far away from anything I would have done with the character, is doing some nice character work with her to rectify some of the problems you’ve identified. Why does she put on the costume? What is her role in Gotham City? What is her relationship with Barbara Gordon? Things like that. I do have quibbles with Batgirl (I think they’ve aged Stephanie by about two years), yet it’s turned into the “fun” Bat-book. There’s a certain Peter Parker-ishness to Batgirl‘s Steph.

        All of that said…

        I do get the dislike for Steph. For a long time, she really just wasn’t that interesting or compelling a character, and they wrote her with a lot of edges. So I get where you’re coming from completely. Promise. 🙂

  2. Kat May 28, 2012 at 7:44 AM #

    She gotta be one of my favorite Heroines. And becoming Batgirl was a huge coming of age for her. She really matured at that point. With Barbara taking the mantle back, I really hope that Steph goes back to being spoiler and joins the titans or something.

    • MechanisticMoth May 29, 2012 at 12:59 PM #

      Yeah, they keep on saying “hey, she still exists – just wait!” I really think that they’re missing an opportunity and a great character. Everyone ever to have the Batgirl mantle has been pretty unique, but Barbara was more important post-Batgirl. Oh well, we’ll see how it all turns out.


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