More Super HeroiHOTs and what I need to do.

6 May

I figured you’d all like a picture of my charming, darling face.  Plus, I look like I’m up to something.

I’m in the library right now… badass, right?  Except the dirty little fucker who was here before me decided to snack… and make a hell of a mess.  Nevertheless, I got here in time to claim one of the comfy chairs and go “haha, fuck you fuckers!” at everyone else.

Okay, so, I’ve been thinking very hard about my Super HeroiHots lately… I mean, I’m going to be awfully untech-savvy during the summer because I won’t have my main computer… sure, I’ll be able to find pictures here and there on the internet… but no Photoshop!!!  I don’t know how I’ll be able to handle it.  I guess I could just make all of the little clickable icons when I get back… I mean, it will only be like three months, right?

I really would like to post a Super HeroiHOT review every day, but then I realized that… well, there’s not as much of an abundance of female characters as there are male characters to choose from.  Sure, I’ll last awhile, but I don’t want to run out of all the good ones right off the bat.  Nevertheless, here’s a list of some lucky ladies I’ve been throwing around in my head lately to review:

  • Jean Grey AKA Pheonix AKA Dark Pheonix AKA she dies a lot
  • Catwoman because… well, she’s been around for awhile
  • Rouge because she has a cute accent
  • Barbara Gordon aka the first Batgirl aka Oracle
  • The Wasp
  • April O’Neil of TMNT fame
  • Zatanna because I like magic
  • Lois Lane because she’s a human and Superman’s babe

I hope that temporary list looks good.  They’re in no specific order so I hope you’ll enjoy them when they come… Do you have any suggestions?  Any Favorites or “don’t you dare do that one, you fucker”‘s?

Okay, now I’m going to talk a bit about last Monday’s episode of “24.”  Much better.  Megan got me into this series this season and at first I was like “WAM BOM KERPOW, that was awesome!”  However, Jack’s sort of been a pussy ever since he got infected.  Yeah sure, you’re suffering dementia and your best friends evil and your other best friend died earlier saving a bunch of people’s lives including the president and you’ve been off and on arrested all day and you’re running on no sleep and in a course of a day have stopped two major terrorist attacks but you still have another to go.  Too BAD!  Suck it up, Jack Bauer!  Yeah, that’s right.  Cordell Walker could do all of that while hunting a bear, and I don’t see him complaining.  Anyway, the newest episode was better.  I like how you can watch them all for free on Fox… Oh, their anti-hate message to Muslims was nice… it was like they were trying to correct their news segments.
Ooooohhh, yeah… I said it.

Well, now I need to go to work… So oh poop me!
I need to write some reviews from Free Comic Book day and such.

Ohhh, look at the group of prospies and parents walk into the library… cute!


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