Battle for the Cowl: The Underground

5 May

So, I’m at work right now… I also sort of have to use the restroom.  Dare I?  No, because I’m devoted to givin’ you a gosh darn review!

This morning, I was thinking about Poop… Yeah, that’s right: POOP.  Do you know how that works?  You poop, you feel relieved, you poop again later.  It’s a weird cycle… so, let’s apply it to DC.

Battle for the Cowl = poop.
Maybe the Blackest Night crossover… just maybe.
Save us from our poor superhero comics, Geoff Johns.

I swear, some people have shrines to that guy.  His stuff’s good, but really.

Do you know who I’m not making a shrine to anytime soon: Chris Yost, the writer of this comic.  I’ll list some things featured in the comic and my responses to them.

Penguin – Danny DeVito = Grosssssss!
Two-Face – Pimp?
Poison Ivy – Do you orgasm on your own fumes or is that just you removing a computer chip?
The Riddler – You’re pretty cool now… except for that suit… except for aging during the comic… except for kind of looking like the recently axed Dr. Who… except for being a pussy at everything you do.
Catwoman – confused but alright.
Jason Todd Batman – you’re drawn really weird in this comic… your pointy ears look like they were molded from Madonna’s cone boobs.

I will not buy Gotham City Sirens based on this comic advertising it.

1/5 stars.

Is it wrong of me to tag this with “boobs” and “sexy” because we’ve gotten 4 or 5 views from those tags…?  NOPE!


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