Green Lantern #40

3 May

I couldn’t find the normal cover… so, instead I got this variant that I think someone photoshopped into a rainbow look.

Okay, last Green Lantern issue I was this little thing called SUPER CONFUSED… But, after learning more about the one and only Larfleeze AKA Agent Orange it makes more sense.

This issue involves the Green Lantern Corps including the guardians (excluding the scarred bitch who’s going to cause the Blackest Night) travelling to the once forbidden Vega system to strike back at Larfleeze (his corps struck Oa in the last Green Lantern Corps comic).

One of the most interesting parts of this comic is how pissed off the guardians are about Hal Jordan being 1/2 green lantern 1/2 blue lantern.  They’re very skeptical of him but still want to watch how his powers have changed.  Also, it makes a lot more sense how Larfleeze operates.  He’s the ONLY orange, greedy lantern, but he can construct his own orange lantern corps with the power of his ring because he’s super strong/greedy.  His corps are actually the people who he’s killed which is pretty neat because he’s stealing their identities.

One of the awesome parts of the issue is right at the end where Larfleeze greediness affects Hal and you can really see how strong this orange lantern guy is.

Now, my criticism about this book is the pink/love/star sapphire lantern at the beginning, Fatality, has a gigantic two pages devoted to her and yet she makes the alternative cover… it really seems like she’s going to pop up at the end of the comic and that’s going to be the big teaser for the next, but it’s not.  Now, I’m sure it’s just preparing her for showing up down the road because Geoff Johns really does write in a very broad style which I really like (it makes reading the Trade Paperback versions really worth it), but it’s still a little frustrating.

The art and writing seemed way confusing last issue, but they’ve both improved to become quite clearer to show off Larfleeze’s anger and power towards the Guardians.  The issue also covers some current events so new readers can jump on with only a little bit of extra background checking.  Overall, this issue earns a solid

4/5 stars.


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