Super HeroiHOT #1: Star Sapphire

1 May

So, here I am rating Star Sapphire for the first Super HeroiHOT post.  The ratings will be out of 40with ten points given to the categories of: Appearance, Personality, Superpowers, and Secret Identity (who they are when they’re not superhero/villain it up).   Any cons will be taken off as points at the end.  Credit goes to Rachelle at for creating the idea and categories.

StarSapphire.jpg Star Sapphire picture by PseudoPsychic

Above and below you have both the new Star Sapphire sexy look and the Star Sapphire Silver Age look.  They both have this sort of futuristic crazy collar type of thing going.  To tell you the truth, if the Silver Age costume didn’t have sleeves and the placement of the star was different, I would love that costume.  It’s much more modest than the fire star crotch that is the new costume.  Really, what’s the calling behind wanting to put on a costume that probably takes hours (or minutes with a super powered ring) to figure out which holes to put what through.  Frankly, the holes around the whole crotch-al area are pretty scary.  Also, how does Carol Ferris, a simple boss of an inherited airfield, get such a crazy hot body when filling out paperwork!?  HMM… yeah, I thought so penciller.  To some people it’s sexy… other’s it’s just downright outrageous.



Star Sapphire Jillian Perlman

Okay, so there are actually a bunch of different Star Sapphires because they’re one of the new Corps(es) coming out of the Green Lantern The Blackest Night build up, but before they forged their little controlling star into a ring, the Star Sapphires had one little crystally thing that would possess the wearer to fight for their one true love.  Really, the Crystal made each woman turn into a psychotic bitch much akin to that astronaut lady who not too long ago wore diapers and planned to kill a woman who her love-astronaut man had a relationship with.  They’re fairly obsessive and will do whatever it is for love.  That’s a little hot… like, do anything…?  “Hey, baby, ummm… could you go get a pizza with your sweet ass flying powers” “Anything for you!”  However, they’re almost too easily controlled by love.  It seems that now with rings they might be a bit more stable, but we’ll see how that plays out.



According to the new thing DC’s released, the Star Sapphires have the power to reah into their hearts and form a tether with their one true love to always come to their aid… also, they have the ability of flight and manipulation of power from their rings.  That whole tether thing is a little freaky but cool.  I mean, if I was Hal Jordan and off planet in some strange sector of the universe about to be trapped by the spider guild… I’d be like, “HEY! Carol, help me… I might say I like you(!)”  Then again, if I’m on vacation leave relaxing, I wouldn’t want my tethered one to show up and ask me what I was reading.  Nevertheless, I guess it would be cool to know that someone’s always there for you as long as they’re not annoying.

POWERS: 7/10

Secret Identity:

Star Sapphire Corp

Well, they sort of have secret identities and sort of don’t.  The ring kind of consumes them and doesn’t really allow them to have a day job.  They’re much too obsessed about love to have a life outside of it.  That’s a little scary, huh.  I mean, sure, it’s great you love me and what not… but don’t you want to do something else every once and awhile.  Okay, we can go beat up on the Red Lanterns in the name of love, but what about… I don’t know… going for a walk?



I guess the biggest con would be eye candy for everyone else.  If my love, Megan, was tethered to me all the time I would be like, “honey, that’s really hot… but it’s sort of something for the bedroom… everyone’s staring.” 

They’re the Corps of Love… so, since when has Love been associated completely with sexiness…. wait, oh yeah… always in the mass media.  Nevertheless, Love’s not just about being sexy, it’s about being truthful and caring to the other person no matter what you look like.  So, there’s minus one for furthering the stereotype, Star Sapphire.

CONS: -2


17/40… ohhh, ow.
That’s a 42.5% Star Sapphire, too bad.

Check back next week for when I rate another Super HeroiHOT!  I’ll be making a list of everyone in a new tab up at the top of the home page so you can keep track of all of my ratings.


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