Explosion of the Arts and a New Weekly

1 May

If any of you readers are UPS-ers as well, then come to Explosion of the Arts tomorrow from 12-9.  I’m playing a 35 min. set with my electronic and ukulele music.  I’m not exactly sure what songs I’m doing yet… 35 min. is the longest time I’ve ever had, and I hope I make a good impression.  Megan’s playing at 1:30, I believe.  Also, Crosscurrents will be giving out their new edition and Campus Music Network will be giving out free CDs of music from students on campus (including Megan and I!).

Inspired by “Rating the Superhunks” by the contributor Rachelle on http://livingbetweenwednesdays.com, I am creating a new (hopefully) weekly feature on the site called “Super HeroiHOT” where I’ll be rating the attractiveness of super heroines from various comics.  However, this does not exclude any female characters.  And YES, I did get Megan’s (somewhat) approval on this feature!  So, if you have any suggestions just comment away because I may be focusing a little DC heavy.  First up will be Star Sapphire.

I was hoping Megan would be the first reported case of swine flu in Washington… turns out she doesn’t have swine flu, and that 6 cases were reported last night… damn. 

Hope all’s well and you’re all wearing masks,


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