Swine Flu(!) and Work

28 Apr

Is it bad that I’m blogging at work right now?

Who else finds the reactions to the current swine flu fairly hillarious?
Frankly, the best story that I’ve found so far is that Marvel’s worried about the premiere of Wolverine: Origins because of the swine flu.  They’re afraid enough that they’re postponing it for a bit in Mexico.  They feel like people aren’t going to go see the movie where the flu’s broken out because the theater will be crowded… and someone might be infected!  OHHHH GAWD!

From what I’ve read on sites branching off from Google News, I believe maybe 2 people may have died from the flu in California so far…  I’m not too worried.  CHWS is doing its part to send out an e-mail to comfort the students here, but it’s more hillarious than anything… “You cannot contract the swine flu from eating pork” is the highlight of it all.

Another news article I found hillarious stems from the recent “Craigslist Killer” in Boston.  In Seattle (near me *gasp*),  a man advertised on Craigslist that he wanted a woman who would have sex with him and then allow him to kill her afterwards… but he wanted to be paid for it!  Really!?  Seriously!?  Okay, asking for sex on Craigslist is sort of common, I suppose… asking to kill someone… not common at all… asking to kill someone after having sex within them!  Yeah, that’s a little messed up.
For the full article, check it here: http://www.seattlepi.com/local/405634_online28.html

The Craigslist Killer was a really ridiculous story, but I’m fascinated by it because I’ve done a lot of dealings on Craigslist.  I suppose it’s a reminder to not take the simplistic website for granted.

My headache’s feeling a bit better, but I’m glad that I’m off of work at 2 and can rest for awhile.  I do feel a little guilty, though.  On Tuesday evenings for my Film Culture class, we watch a film, and I have no idea what film we’re watching tonight.  I believe it may still have something to do with Black Cinema (we watched Shaft last week), but I am not sure.

I need to copy some more of my graphic journal… I’ll scan a page or two to advertise on the blog.  It’s free so you can just ask for one, but I’d like to get paid back for sending it to you in one of those envelope things… So, I might just ask that you send me $3 to cover the cost of shipping it.  I mean, a donation to help me out would really be great, as well, because it’s costing me at least $50 to print it, and I’m doing it guerilla style.

I suppose I’ll procrastinate with something else now to pass the time at work.

I wonder if any more people will come asking for Doctor’s masks to scare people about Swine Flu?


One Response to “Swine Flu(!) and Work”

  1. theditor May 1, 2009 at 5:39 AM #

    Heh. My mom is making sure that we wash our vegetables extra thoroughly, because “they might have swine flu on them.” Way to go, CNN. Everyone loves a good bit of hysteria.

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