Detective Comics #853

27 Apr

I really think I have a thing against cover artists…  I have absolutely no idea what this cover has to do with the story inside… Why would someone wear a Lakers Jersey in Gotham?  Why isn’t there some really awesome cover(s) like in the first part?

I’ll admit it, I read at least 2 reviews (maybe 3… I’ve been up for awhile so forgive me) on this comic before purchasing it.  Plus, I saw some of the pages before they were printed on comicbookresources.  Nevertheless, this comic isn’t really built on some cliffhanger at the end or some crazy surprise, it’s about honoring Batman, every one of him through the 70 years of his history, with a grand, psychological comic.

So, I’ll also mention that I really didn’t like the first part as much as this one (and I still can’t spot the Dark Knight Returns One-armed Green Arrow)… the pacing just seemed off, but this one really hits the spot.  The art truly is gorgeous with one artist encompassing the work of many different eras of Batman.  There really is a hidden treasure in every frame.

The story is tender and it really made me feel glad about bidding adeu to Bruce Wayne as Batman for awhile.  I really am okay with DC keeping Bruce Wayne stuck in Limbo for five years, but that would mean that Red Robin, the new series coming out in June, would have to last about 50 issues… and I don’t really know how long that story could focus on the search for Bruce Wayne.  50 issues, one overlying goal amongst tiny ones is quite the undertaking.  We’ll see, I suppose, but Neil Gaiman really makes you feel okay about what DC’s doing with Batman right now with this 2 part story.

It’s a definitive buy… you don’t even have to be a comic book geek to appreciate it.

4.5/5 stars (the cover just upsets me)


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