Battle for the Cowl: Arkham Asylum

27 Apr

There really weren’t any medium sized images for the cover… so, here’s a giant one as opposed to a tiny thumbnail.

So, I have to admit that I do read other comic reviews like at or  Therefore, my reviews may be a little bias because I’m thinking of how I either agreed or disagreed with that reviewer.  I’ll try to point these out and eventually become independent (maybe).

So, here we go at Arkham again.  I really enjoy the inks in this comic, and I believe the story is fairly fleshed out.  However, I agree (with the majorspoilers review) that this comic would work much better as a short series rather than a one-shot.  Hell, I’d much rather read a three issue mini series on Arkham than Oracle or Azrael.  This becomes especially true with the teaser last image… which I want to know how it plays into Battle for the Cowl, but there’s only one Battle for the Cowl issue left. 

Now, onto the actual magazine, the story’s fairly tight but the whole destroying/breaking out of/rebuilding of Arkham Asylum is something we haven’t seen before (…um… it’s the writer’s excuse to use villains in their stories that were in Arkham; blow the thing up).  However, I agree with what was stated in the other review that reminding the reader that Arkham isn’t just a prison for the craziest of criminals and that it’s actually a psychiatric place makes it seem much better.  Characters who (seemingly) pose no threat to Mr.Arkham are a great touch to the believability of the place.  I also really like the three characters that were focused on as people in the institution.  The story behind No-Face was really intriguing, and I loved the anticipation at possibly seeing Hamburger Lady’s face.  Arkham accepting her even with her physical appearance was a very touching moment.

I kept on wondering throughout the whole comic, “how do the tax payers of Gotham keep on agreeing to rebuild Arkham Asylum when it’s just going to get destroyed again?”  I believe that’s the biggest problem with the story… it’s a sort of “been there, read that” type of thing.  Nevertheless, I’m glad that they focused on specific characters and gave more of a life and voice to those characters than some other comic might have.

3.5/5 stars


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