Azrael: Death’s Dark Knight #2

27 Apr

Once again, what the hell’s up with Talia’s body on the front cover!?  If I was to go into battle with a giant, weird-ass sword, then I wouldn’t be wearing that skimpy outfit.  Thank goodness the art on the inside is a bit more reasonable than this cover artist.

So, we left off with what’s his face getting to be the new Azrael… I frankly don’t care about Azrael, but this new character intrigues me only because he was one of the Batmen trained by the police to replace the real Batman if he ever died/left again (convenient, huh?).  Turns out all of them went crazy or had a giant amount of shit luck… and that’s why this guy gets the Suit of Sorrows, but wait, Talia wants it back to give to her son (Damian, the byproduct of being birthed outside a womb with Talia and Bruce Wayne/Batman’s DNA).  That’s one really messed up mother.

The first page shows (I believe, Miller’s) past troubles, and then it shows him somehow surviving being impaled by Talia.  They make friendly friendly at some point during the battle, and he learns about the Suit of Sorrows some more.  Talia wants the suit back, but he’s not willing to give it back so she’s ready to manipulate him to take on the ol’ Ward of Batman.

Talia on the inside of the comic, despite the heals, seems fairly reasonably drawn as a woman.  She’s fit, but she’s not big hipped and breasted like many artists have drawn her before.  I appreciate that a lot more because it makes much more sense to have her look ninja-like growing up in her father’s League of Assasin’s.

The comic wins on the art for me.  Sometimes it’s a little distracting, but the whole effect really is pretty cool.

Overall, I give it cred for neat art that stands apart (despite a current fad towards this art), but it gets a big no-no on the script; it’s okay, but nothing amazing.

Did DC take some of my milk money? Maybe.

3/5 stars


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