Oracle: The Cure #2

26 Apr

Okay, I’ll start off with this cover.  I really don’t like this cover.  It seems that the angle was purposely thought of to exploit Barbara Gordon’s gigantic, shimmery boobs.  What the hell?  I’m pretty tired and disgusted of comics not portraying real women and real woman’s bodies.  Instead, they’re appealing to the male fantasies of powerful, big breasted, disproportionately sized bodies of women.  What the hell!?  If the superhero comic is to gain any progress within the media it can’t exploit female bodies like this.  Barbara’s supposed to be one of the most intelligent and powerful people in the DCU as Oracle, but all I can focus on are how gigantic her breasts are.  Plus, knowing that you’re in a wheelchair and people can look down your shirt, wouldn’t you wear something that could cover up more?

Okay, onto the story… this is continuing from The Calculator (who Barbara’s fought many times before as Oracle) searching for a cure for his daughter’s a coma with the Anti-Life Equation that Darkseid finally discovered in Final Crisis.  Frankly, I haven’t followed Oracle-stories, and I only know of her through Batman and as the former Batgirl.  So, I don’t know much history aside from that.

The opening fight scene of her beating up muggers is probably the best part of this comic.  It shows how she’s trained through her disability to still be able to protect herself.  Other than that, a lot of the virtual online stuff is ridiculous, and even being fairly web savvy I am expected to suspend my disbelief about what the hell’s going on just to understand the story.  Plus, the Calculator’s henchmen in virtual world look like four-armed version of Dr. Manhattan of Watchmen (minus the exposed penis) which weirded me out.

The narration throughout the story is fairly distracting.  The art’s bright and dazzling on the big layouts, but it doesn’t seem like enough care and focus was put into the smaller frames.  Nevertheless, I really like the inking in this comic because it has full, fleshy colors while keeping with a certain dark versus bright style.

I haven’t decided what my rating system’s going to be.  So, I’ll stick with the star ratings right now and figure something out later.

2.5/5 stars
It’s hopeful with the inks and showing a strong side of Barbara, but the writing’s ridiculous and I just am so against the objectification of women that it’s affecting my ratings.


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